Emotional Eating and Binge Eating

FoodEmotional Eating and Binge Eating

Perhaps you have noticed that you eat to calm yourself or you may use food as a stress relief or reward. Emotional eating can eventually make you feel worse. We can work with you to make changes to lead a happier healthier life.

Relationship and Couple Counselling

Relationships Relationships are central to our psychological health however they are complex entities, and building satisfying, harmonious relationships can be difficult. We can help you in managing issues such as:

  • Conflict management & communication problems
  • Starting a new relationship and pre-marriage counselling
  • Coping with the ending of a relationship
  • Identifying what you want from your relationships
  • Dealing with domestic violence

Treating Alcohol & Drug Problems

Alcohol and drug problems

Is alcohol affecting your relationships or performance at work? Are you spending more time drinking or using drugs than you feel you should be? Maybe you've tried to stop and haven't maintained it. At Matters of Mind we can work with you to make changes and lead a happier, healthier life.

Depression and Anxiety

 There are times when we can struggle with depressed mood, anxiety, grief, anger or stress and this can range from very debilitating to dealing with mood swings and feeling unable to enjoy life. We deal with a wide spectrum of mood difficutlies including depression, anxiety, phobias, grief and bereavement, anger management, stress management.

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